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Hill Country Pest Control Wood Ant Care

Woodants are the second leading wood destroying insect, behind termites.  Their numbers are much  less in comparison to termites, but they can cause a good amount of damage quickly to the structure of your home. Carpenter Ants are among the most recognizable of ants found in and around homes. They are typically black and red but may also be solid black or solid red. They vary in size from 1/4 to about 3/4 inch long. Their mandibles are very large and can be used to tear through wood or give a good pinch.

Carpenter Ants or “Woodants” will infest almost any type of wood structure. They prefer moist or partially decayed wood. Unlike termites who eat the wood for nutritional value, woodants just discard the wood for a nesting site. The carpenter ant diet consists of a mix of both plant and animal food.

Trees touching your home could be a highway for woodants, most commonly, but they will travel along the ground to find their nesting sight. Trimming trees and keeping brush away from the house will help, but  will in no way guarantee that you will not get an infestation. We have many ways that we can help you rid your home of these insects or prevent them. We will use conventional methods with Termidor and baiting methods to eliminate the complete colony.  Our service professionals, after an inspection, will come up with a plan of action for your home and will offer suggestions as to what you can do to help lower the chance for re-infestation.

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