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Hill Country Pest Control Termite Services

More than likely your home will be the biggest investment you ever make. In fact, it is too big to let a problem like termites destroy it. Termites are the leading wood destroying insect in the world. In fact, termites will cause some 5 billion dollars in damage to homes this year.

That's more than fires, tornadoes, floods, or any other natural disaster for that matter. In the Hill Country we have two main species of termite: the Drywood Termite (incisitermes snyderi) and the Subterranean Termite (reticulitermes flavipes). A lot of times we don't even know that we  have termites. In reality, we should at least be inspecting our homes once a year. The only sure way, however, is to have the house treated. Prevention is the best way to save a lot of heartache. If you have termites already, our trained Professionals can treat and eliminate the colony using conventional a combination of treatment methods including the #1 termiticide in the industry Termidor.  If you do not have termites, then we may have a site plan that is just right for you.

Termidor termite treatment comes with a 5-year guarantee

New Construction

This is good news to all of the home builders and contractors as a substitute to the regular conventional pretreat. Hill Country Pest Control offers the ultimate alternative--New Construction Treatment (NCT) is the mid-construction preventative using borates.

Bora-Care is currently marketed by Nisus as a wood treatment for Subterranean Termites, Drywood Termites, Formosan Termites, Carpenter Ants, Wood Borers, and Powder Post Beetles and wood decay fungi. Bora Care is a spray that is applied to the actual frame of the house when this phase is complete to giveca solid treatment on the entire structure.

Where conventional termiticides will break down eventually, Timbor actively protects the structure indefinitely. Plumbing traps and utility lines in the slab are treated with Termidor. Termidor is 100% effective against termites trying to enter through those areas.

Conventional prevention methods are a great tool, but NCT is the way to go for your next home.

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