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Hill Country Pest Control Tree Service

Hill Country Pest Control has a knowledgeable and dedicated tree division. From insects to oak wilt, we can help you positively assess any problems your trees may be having.

Ballmoss is a common problem our trees have. Ballmoss travels by spores, and simply raking the ballmoss out will not rid you of all the moss. When ballmoss reaches a large population, it can put a tree under serious amount of stress by contending with the tree for sunlight. This in turn weakens the tree and can make it much more susceptible to disease.

Oak wilt is a very serious problem that everyone has at least heard of or even experienced first hand. Although there is no definite cure for the deadly diseases, we have a method of injecting the tree with concentrated micro-nutrients and or fungicide straight into the veins of the tree to help combat the disease. Prevention is the best way to control this disease. The Mauget micro-nutrients are the best for the overall health of the tree.

Trees can affect the value of your property, so you want to keep them in best overall condition as possible. Year round our trees can be infested by different kinds of harmful insects, worms or fungus. If you are any questions concerning the health and status of your trees, please contact us at Hill Country Pest Control of Fredericksburg Inc.

Fire Ants, Grubs, Chinchbugs, Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Chiggers, Fungus. There are hundreds of insects and different kinds of fungus that can infest your lawn and damage it.

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